RIO+20. Side event “Bio-economy and Development. Beyond the Crisis, a New World”

COBASE Basic Technical Scientific Cooperative

Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development

Bioeconomy and Development. Beyond the Crisis, a New World

Bioeconomy is an environmental and economic theory and practice by which you can proceed towards a new ecological and social development. With bioeconomy you can define new areas of research and develop  new programs for an appropriate use of natural, biological and renewable resources to overcome poverty and produce safe and wholesome food, but also materials, energy and other products. In this regard, we propose to launch a bioeconomy strategy in view of the world‘s population increase (up to 9 billion inhabitants in 2050) and the scarcity of natural resources.

Rio Centro, Room T-11
Tue 19 Jun, 2012
15:30 – 17:00


Mr Massimo Pieri, physicist, mathematician, president of COBASE:
Bioeconomy and Development“.

Mr Stefano Mannacio, economist, project director of COBASE:
“From waste to happiness. Projects and Technologies”.

Ms Valentina Sereni, architect president of Gherush92:
“Food Rules and Poverty”