Side event at SB58: Vegan cities for climate change targets: agroecology, energy efficiency and cultural diversity

Increasing Urban and Rural Areas Resilience and Sustainability. Providing solution to technical, environmental and social feasibility. A strategy to achieve the CCTs and to restore the critical urban and rural systems using urban agroecology, efficient electricity and local biocultural assessments.

Tue, 13 June 2023, 10:15-11:30 Room: Kaminzimmer


  • Valentina Sereni- Gherush92 – President
  • Stefano Mannacio – Cobase – Project Coordinator
  • Delfina Piu – Gherush92 –  Researcher
  • Vikrant Srivastava – Nisarg Foundation – CEO
  • Narayan Solanke – Universal Versatile Societ – President Nicolás Domke Venegas – FAO Sub-commission – Head